Tax Preparation - Individual

We continually look for ways to reduce taxes on your salary, investments and estate so you can keep more of what you make and grow your wealth. We recommend tax-saving strategies all year long, not just at the end of the year. It’s no wonder that preparing your own income tax return can be complicated and intimidating. Today’s tax laws are so complex that filing even a relatively simple return can leave you uncertain. You are likely entitled to deductions and credits that are easily overlooked. Even if you use a computer software program, there’s no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax professional.

A1Taxperts provides you…

  • a comprehensive review of your current year’s tax filing;
  • the benefit of top-of-the-line tax software with built-in diagnostics of common errors;
  • tips to make tax filings less stressful;
  • suggestions to reduce your tax liability, by maximizing deductions and tax credits; and

If you owe federal or state taxes, we’ll explain your payment options. We also will help you prepare for the following year’s estimated tax payments and assist you adjusting your federal withholding if necessary.

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